A Day in the life of this T1D – The Afternoon #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D

A Day in the life of this T1D – The Afternoon #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D
A Day in the life of this T1D – The Afternoon #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D
Due to the number of posts, I’ve split the Day in the Life into multiple entries covering morning, afternoon and evening. It’s fair to assume that around and about the entries in here, there is also work going on in the gaps!

12.30: Make myself a rather tasty cup of Green Tea with Ginger. Very fresh and just what’s required post lunch number 1.

12.41: Urge to glance. Libre scan reads 3.6. Confirmed with blood. 6g of carbs in the form of Dextrosol consumed.  
13.03: Glance to confirm glucose reaction – 4.7 and angled up arrow. All good. 
13.15: Log on to diabetes.co.uk forum to have a quick look. Respond to a couple of topics.
13,26: Glance to check how BG is going following glucose. Showing flat arrow and 5.9.

13.34: Combo handset buzzed reminding me to do two hour test. Blood shows 7.5 versus 5.9 on Libre just ten minutes previously. Frustration at the different readings again. Doesn’t take much for the Libre to not be in line with bloods, for no apparent reason. It’s not as though there’s dehydration going on. Decide to add an extra 1u into the mix as 7.5 with 1.5u IOB won’t counter the protein intake at lunchtime. 

14.11: Blood test ahead of lunch number 2 is 4.4mmol/l. Lunch amount to 11.8g carbs and 82.3g protein, so applying 52g carbs equivalent to bolus. Combo recognises IOB and suggests 4.0u bolus, which I agree with. 

14.12: Walk over to microwave with Pulled pork in Mexican chipotle sauce and get it cooking. Very nice. Refill water bottle.

14.20-17.00: An afternoon of calls beckons. Always fun!

15.04: Noticed droopy eyes going on fifteen minutes ago. Checked glucose and it shows 3.4, so low kicking in 15 mins earlier. Not got the timing right on my insulin today – changing back to very low carb causing a few play ups. Eat 15g carbs. Might be a bit too much thinks to a diabinge. Perhaps better to go back to post meal surfing than trying to predict the pattern based on pre-bolusing with the low carb diet. Useful lesson though to remind me.

15.14: Dextrosols acting very fast again and on the way up. Libre showing 3.7 and up angle arrow. 

15.26: Quick Libre check and it’s 6.1. Knew I’d had too many dextrosols. Wonder where this little ride will stop. 

15.27: Head over to Diabetes.co.uk forum to have a quick check out.

15.34: Reply to a few topics on the forum.

15.46-15.51: Libre shows it’s predictive pitfalls, giving a 4.9 at a glance right now, instead of the 6.1 20 mins ago. Maybe I didn’t overdo the dextrosols. Blood test to corroborate the reading, which is good. This kind of error in the Libre is not a good thing though. It can be highly unpredictable in a fast arrow situation. 

16.08: Mid afternoon snack – honey roasted cashews, 40g containing 10g carbs. Decide not to bolus given glucose level is 4.4 and falling steadily and there is IOB. Also time for a protein bar, although this probably needs some insulin as previous experience suggests that it will detrimentally affect blood glucose, however I’m training at 5.30, so I don’t really want too much overhang. Best bet it probably to surf as I know the velocity of rise that it can cause but there is IOB.  

16.10-16.30: Long technical conversation relating to new product functionality and operational mechanism.

16.34: Glance shows a 5.0 and rising.  Decide that if I get to 7 I’ll apply a micro-bolus in line with upcoming exercise. 

16.54: Libre check 5.9 and flat arrow. Take no action. Make Creatine pre-workout drink as calls finished a little early. Whilst walking over to the water cooler, notice the cannula sticky pulling. Reminds me that I probably need to change it in the morning. 

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