A Day in the life of this T1D – The morning #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D

A Day in the life of this T1D – The morning #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D
A Day in the life of this T1D – The morning #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D

The diary of a day in the life. All the Diabetes related stuff is highlighted in red, so it’s obvious. I’ll update it at intervals throughout the day, as and when I get the opportunity!

Due to the number of posts, I’ve split the Day in the Life into multiple entries covering morning, afternoon and evening. It’s fair to assume that around and about the entries in here, there is also work going on in the gaps!

4.45am: Alarm goes off; hit snooze. Two minutes later alarm goes off again.

5am: Alarm went off for third time. Rolled over and scanned with the Libre. What the? 11.4mmol/l. Recall that this sensor is reasonably accurate, and that pre-breakfast correction is 1u:5mmol, so standard bolus 1.2u -should bring me down to 4-6. Detach pump after bolus to shower. 

5am-5.25am: Shower, shave dress. 

5.17am: Hang pump on trouser waist band, reattach cannula. Scan again. Still 11.4. Hope it drops. Decide to take photo to send to a friend to moan about DP and contemplate blog post on carbohydrate metabolism and dawn phenomenon. 

5.25am: Feed cats and rabbits. Head downstairs. 

5.30-5.45am: Let dogs out for a wee. Pleased to see no overnight mess from the pup. He’s getting better. Feed dogs. 

5.45am: Take lunch and breakfast out of fridge and pack them. Prepare bags. Put dogs away before leaving for work. Remember to pick up Glucose tabs and Novopen. 

5.50am: Lock door, walk to bus stop. Wait for bus to station. 

5.55am: Get off bus and check how correction is doing. Now at 7.9mmol/l. Good, slight relief. It’s coming down. Remember I’m supposed to be writing about this so on arrival at station, recap events and get Blogger app going. 

5.55-6.15am: Stand at station and sit on train (a rarity) writing about the morning so far. Thank goodness for smartphones.

6.18am: Go onto Diabetes.co.uk forum and Twitter to remind people to record their day. 

6.20am: Feel a bit spacey as train pulls into station. Check BG level just in case. 7.5 and flat arrow – berate myself for being a Dia-chondriac. Order coffee from Starbucks on the app to pick up on the way into the office.

6.20-6.35am: Berate myself for the two hours of cricket nets on Saturday as I walk to the office (and pick up my Starbucks). Sore shins and ankles from two hours of bowling and batting for the first time  in four months.

6.37am: Arrive at office, log into PC and start up the ton of apps that can’t be set to start up on Login. Go into blog to review what has been written so far. Work is desk based and sedentary. On a normal day I stand up and walk around every 50 minutes or so.

6.40am-7am: Start of day set up and checks.

7am: Log onto weight loss resources to update meals cooked yesterday and work out food for the day.

7.09am: Pre-breakfast Libre scan 8.5 + calibration blood test on Libre 9.1. Aviva combo for Bolus calc – 8.0. Pre-breakfast insulin calculated by pump/expert bolus wizard based on 3g carbs + 37g Protein: 1.9u. Over-ride to 3u and use Multiwave, splitting Initial dose at 1.9u and duration to 1hr15mins.Logged on to Diabetes.co.uk to see if anyone has noted my reminder. Someone has. 

7.29am: Check the forum to see if anyone else has replied. Someone has. Reminded to add link to the topic where multiple people have pledged to participate here: http://www.diabetes.co.uk/forum/threads/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-t1d.86969/

7.45am: Head to microwave to cook Egg Foo Yung, the breakfast of choice this week, following the Monday morning meeting that takes place between 7.30 and 7.40.

8.07am: Foot feeling pins and needles where I sprained it 12 months ago. Quick Libre scan to check levels – 8.8. Decide to leave alone for now as roughly an hour since Breakfast bolus with correction dose included. 

8.07-8.38am: Getting on with work stuff, ending with a quick review of Twitter. Buy bottle of water. Lots of people writing, but nothing particularly exciting. Note that Ninjabetic is working night shifts and keeping decent BG results!

8.59am: See a couple of alerts for diabetes.co.uk forum on my phone. Remember it is time for two hour check, Libre scan shows suitable steady decline bring glucose level back to 6,6mmol/l. Reduction strategy is working nicely. Check forum alerts. Respond to a PM relating to the Credit Suisse report into fats and check a few mentions/likes. Respond to a mention on the forum regarding changing from Lantus to Levemir as a basal. It appears the user had a similar issue to me with Lantus causing a sudden hypo after not absorbing properly.

9.13-9.44am: Get on with various aspects of work.

Check BG level with Libre – scans at 6.6mmol/l. 

9.55am: Spend 10 minutes getting frustrated with Blogger editor mucking up formatting.

10.07am: Get the feeling that BG level is heading up. Do a “glance” in Sugar Surfing terms. See the uptick of BG to 7.2 from 6.6 following protein amounts for breakfast. Given Libre is reading lower currently, do a 2.5u micro-dose to bring back in line. 

10.22am: Glance at BG level to see if upward trend is continuing as expected. Now 7.4. Contemplate installing the latest version of office on my PC.

10.32am: Brief check through diabetes.co.uk forum topics. 

10.32-11.33am: Working

11.33am: Time to consider lunch. Pre-lunch test – 5.1mmol/l. Lunch is 8g carbs, 43g Protein. Enter 28g as carbs for bolus calculator which produces 2.3u. Manually extend to 4u for multiwave to cover protein, with 2.3u up front and 1.7u for 1.5 hours post. Eat lunch in 20 mins.

11.33am-1152am: Work.

11.52am: Glance before going to microwave to cook lunch. Shows at 4.7. Currently operating in line with BG testing.

12.16pm: On finishing lunch at my desk, have a discussion with a colleague about eating carbs and the benefits of Chilli, which I’ve just eaten. Significantly reducing carbs seriously helps him with weight and body composition (as it does for me really). Gives me an idea for a post about insulin, diabetes and the difficulties of losing weight. 

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