A Day in the life of this T1D – The Evening #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D

A Day in the life of this T1D – The Evening #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D
A Day in the life of this T1D – The Evening #DOC #gbdoc #dayinlifeofT1D

17.03: Clear up the day’s diabetic paraphernalia from my desk – multiple blood test strips in foil wraps and put them in bin, collect meter bits together and put in meter wallet into coat pocket. Tidy up desk and put various items in my bags before heading to the gym.

17.12: Put trainers on prior to leaving office. Quick Libre scan. 7.3 scan shows as 7.1 on blood. Decide to take 2u ahead of gym as expecting anaerobic high volume session which will lead to a glycogen dump. 

17.20: Walk to gym and get changed. Take pump off and stop it for the hour at the gym. Libre scan before session shows 7.8. 

17.30: Start gym session. First program – box squats interspersed with incline presses. Box Squats 8-10 at 70kg; Incline press 4-8 at 35kg per arm. 

17.47: Not feeling the power today. Have felt similar as blood glucose is dropping. Check levels and 7.7 – must be the net session on Saturday has left me tireder than I had expected. 

18.00: Progress to second program. Hamstring Curls 6-8 reps at 11 plates and standing rows – 8-10 at 70kg.

18.20: Final program – 10-12 Gar Hammers followed by forward sprint on the sled to max speed at 80kg plates for total 100kg.

18.30: Drink 60g whey protein shake

18.40: Check glucose level – libre scan shows 5.5. Shower and get dressed.

18.55: Restart and Prime pump to ensure no air in connector. Reattach to cannula and hang on waistband.

19.00: Walk to station. Check glucose on arrival at station; 5.8. Remains in band. Might be seeing start of increase due to whey protein.

19.10: Train departs.

19.18: Scan glucose – 6.3. Decide to keep an eye and do a micro adjustment if we get to 6.8.

19.22: Scan at 6.6. Decide not to adjust at 6.8 as mile walk from station will probably have an impact.

19.28: Get off train and walk home – 15 minute walk.

19.43: Get in through front door – notice slightly acidy smell usually associated with high blood glucose. Scan and see 7.3. Decide to treat with 1.2u. Go upstairs and change.

20.00: Return downstairs, let dogs out and feed them. Retest glucose level. 8.8 so decide to stack insulin with another 1.5u. As it drops will be able ot have a slice of rye bread. Assume upward profile is result of earlier Whey protein shake – it usually is.

20.05: Feed dogs and have a drink. Don’t fancy food following training, which isn’t unusual.

20.17: Libre scan – 9.8 and ascending arrow. Decide the Libre is likely to be overpredicting and check blood. Blood is 8.4. Do nothing. Head out to shed to get paint and hay for rabbits.

20.45: After a brief sit down and a bit of a contribution to a Cricket forum, check glucose levels again. Libre says 8.3. Blood says 6.9. Reality is likely to be somewhere between, but nearer the blood. Time to go and clean out the rabbits, leaving the dogs to play…

21.10: Get rabbit cleaning gear together and head upstairs. Decide to check beforehand – Libre reads 7.3 which is likely to be around 6.5. 

21.45: Complete rabbit cleaning. Put a load in washer.  Feel slightly hypo. Test at 3.8. Left eating too long. Have slice of rye bread.

21.50: Wrap Christmas cake made yesterday for storage. Put telly on and prepare food for work tomorrow.

22.00: Sit down and watch the news.

22.22: Scan following rye bread – showing 5.4 and ascending arrow. Decide not to do anything right now.

22.28: Preparing rabbit food before heading up to bed.

22.43: Quick scan before cleaning teeth. Shows 7.3 and ascending. Will check before bed and make a decision then.

22.48: Feed cats, clean teeth, attach pump to pants so I don’t end up lying on it during the night. Put hypoband on as other half is away. Will turn it on in five minutes. Still showing 7.3 and rising. 

22.54: Read diabetes.co.uk forum for five minutes. Activate Hypoband. For once it doesn’t alarm on start up. Final scan before bed on Libre. Shows as 6.9. Decide to leave it and take no insulin. I did go to the gym earlier after all. Probably safer that way. Set alarm for two hours time. 

Not the smoothest of days, but nothing very high or very low. Back to the beginning tomorrow morning and lets see what we can do.

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