Battle Royale… The Dexcom G7 takes on the Freestyle Libre3

It’s finally here. The Dexcom G7 has landed. And now it’s time for us here at Diabettech to pitch it against Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 3.

Both these devices have been circulating for some time, amid mounting excitement amongst a reasonable portion of the diabetes community, as published data suggests a better user experience.

We’ll be undertaking the usual diabettech treatment to compare both these new devices with their older, and incumbent, siblings, to see which proves to be the most effective.

What we’re testing…

Dexcom’s G6 and G7

Abbot’s Libre 3

All theee devices will be run against each other using the same methodology as used for the previous comparisons, described here.

Headline Statistics

Here, we are using the G7, appropriated from Ireland, which uses the updated algorithm, as used in the Accuracy study, and with a published headline MARD of 8.7% in Adults.

The Libre3 supposedly has a MARD of 7.9%.

Over the next 10 days or so we’ll see how those numbers reflect with my use, and how they compare to the G6.

All data is collected using the official apps.

As always, the caveats apply regarding n=1 and individual experiences, however, it will be good to see whether my experience reflects the anecdotes about sensor inaccuracies and jumpy data that are circulating on social media.

Stay tuned for further updates!


  1. The major issue with Libre is the cellphone app. With all versions of Libre and both IOS and Android. With Libre 2 the JugGluco app is far superior with Android and downloaded from Playstore. JugGluco is also now available from it’s .com site for Libre 3 and includes a vast increase in type and range of data. It seems a great pity that Abbott do not learn from that and commission much better apps. The sensor itself (both L2 & L3) is capable of so much more.

    • Thank you so much for pointing me to Juggluco app. I’ve just installed for L2 sensor and I don’t need even to unlock my phone to see my BG.

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