Insurance 2 Go – a performance review…

Insurance 2 Go – a performance review…
Insurance 2 Go – a performance review…

My Z3 bust took place on 7th February. That meant I had to wait for 36 hours before being able to make a claim.

Wrong, there is a website version of the claim form and you can do this on line! So off I trotted and did so. There then follows a game of email ping pong, where they send me stuff and I send them stuff. This took a week (mainly because I was slow, and nothing to do with Insurance 2 Go), and now I am awaiting the instructions as to what to do with the bust phone.

This email has taken a little longer to appear, but I’m guessing that it means my Z3 won’t be fixed for a little while yet. In the meantime, I’ve switched properly back to Windows Phone. And I’ve discovered I’m not missing a lot. I have facebook, access to Google Play Music, the Microsoft equivalent of said service, which isn’t quite as good in terms of recommended listening, and pretty much everything else I thought I needed. Win Phone has moved far enough on for me to be able to live with it as my primary phone, it would seem. Something I wouldn’t have said six months ago.

But what does this mean for the Z3? Given the damage done to it, I’d be surprised if I get it returned fixed. I suspect it is more likely that it will be replaced, but I’ll have to wait to send it off for that.

What about this “non-phone company”insurance? Well my phone will be back with me, eventually, but it sure isn’t a quick fix. I reckon, from start to finish, I will have been without the Z3 for around a month. That’s a long time, and it’s a good job I had a spare!

If you value a quick turn around time on your phone, then it’s worth going with the insurance the supplier offers and paying the premium. It does have a purpose!

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