#freestylelibre – up, down, round and round

#freestylelibre – up, down, round and round
#freestylelibre – up, down, round and round

Once again, I’m falling out with this device that I continually spend a significant proportion of cash on. There are four pieces of technology I interact with on a regular basis. My phone, my diabetes monitoring technology, my camera and my PC at work.

I’ve come to expect that there will be bugs and issues with three out of four of these, but somehow we expect medical devices to just be, well, better. And I think that may be part of the issue with the Libre. It isn’t. It’s about as fallible as an app on your phone or PC. It’s not that it crashes per se, rather that it just doesn’t meet with the level of consistency that we’ve come to expect for medical monitoring devices.

Here’s my latest set of interesting experiences.

My latest sensor is proving to be one of the more variable ones. Its spent hours when I’ve been asleep showing LO, when I went to bed and woke up at around 7.5, and had a deliverate middle of the night test that showed this:
That’s right – sensor 2.3, blood 8.9. That’s by far the greatest variance I have seen on this thing. My BG level was nearly 4x what the reader/sensor was showing me.

Last night it gave me this wisdom:

It’s also positioned slightly differently on my arm and as a result is lifting away from the sticky tape:

I’ll be on the phone with Abbott for what seems to be becoming a weekly call to get my issues fixed. This is starting to turn into a bit of a farce. It’s not like I’m doing anything unusual with these things. I’m not even confident in the trend data on this one, as it is showing me events on the overnight scans that simply can’t happen as an insulin dependent diabetic, unless of course, one has suddenly regrown beta cells and is now capable of producing insulin! This is proving to be very frustrating…

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