A bit of a Z3 whoopsie…

A bit of a Z3 whoopsie…
A bit of a Z3 whoopsie…
Having had the Z3 for four months now, I’ve enjoyed using it, however, on Saturday evening, I committed the gravest of sins and dropped it from my ear.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the gym and mobile phones do not go together well in my world.

This second instance of gym hands resulted in the picture.

Whilst the phone is powered on, the screen is properly dead and has bits of glass falling out of it, and the volume buttons no longer work.

I’ve fallen back to the cheap Lumia while I deal with insurance to go this morning to find out how good their service is.

In the 24 hours I’ve been back on the Windows Phone, I am reminded just how good an OS it really is. I enjoy using it! There is now a google play music client too, so we are slowly getting there with the apps. The other item that I noted is that the radio setup on the Lumia seems to be substantially better than on the Xperia Z3. The Lumia seems to manage to find a signal in places the Z3 found nothing.

Still, lets see how Insurance to go handle an accidental damage claim. Hopefully quickly!

Using the Lumia 635 for a little longer, I’ve found that the radio isn’t just substantially better, it’s hugely better. What were clear black spots on the Z3 just aren’t on the Lumia. For something that is a fifth of the price of the Z3, it is dramatically better on the connectivity front. That’s very disappointing from Sony.

The second item I note is that the earpiece on the Lumia is substantially louder than on the Z3. I can actually hear the person who called me clearly. I always thought that the Z3 was quiet, but it shouldn’t take me to change back to a cheap Lumia to discover that this is the case.

It’s very disappointing that two of the key pieces of functionality of the Sony device are falling short. Every phone needs a signal, and every phone needs to be able to handle clear calls. I’m not sure I’ll be buying into the Sony ecosystem again!

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