Living with Looping – January 2021. The replay…

If you missed the Living with Looping event, or you attended and want to go back and review what took place, then you’re in the correct place. The recording of the workshop can be watched below, or accessed on the Diabettech You Tube channel.

The full three hour session:

If you want to see specific sections then you can watch each of the following.

Discussion about using CGM in the context of an APS system:


Settings, covering DIA and the various other settings required for using a DIYAPS effectively:


How to deal with Mealtimes when using a DIYAPS:

Managing Exercise with a DIYAPS (or a commercial one!):

Other variations, site failures and hypos:

Open discussion for people to raise things they want further information on:

Thanks to everyone who participated and provided an interesting and wide ranging discussion.

If you have any questions relating to the videos, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form below and ask.

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