The Low Carb High Fat diet, or how to grow a six pack…

The Low Carb High Fat diet, or how to grow a six pack…
The Low Carb High Fat diet, or how to grow a six pack…

Since the beginning of September, I’ve been doing a programme designed to “reshape my body” and give me a six pack, all in eight weeks. And the key part of this programme? The diet.

As someone who has never put themselves on a diet, this became a bit of a challenge. Essentially, cut a load of the carbs out and eat fats and protein, and due to the ongoing training, this is a lot of protein (working out somewhere in the region of 200-250g per day). Essentially, I’ve a 2000kcal limit and I get 500 for breakfast, 1000 for lunch, 250 as a snack before dinner and 250 for dinner.

Now it doesn’t sound like a lot, but once you cut the crap out of your diet, it’s starting to feel like a lot. To consume that amount of calories at lunch with only a few carbs needs a lot of food. I’ve not consumed alcohol, cake, sweets, anything “fast” carb, or even tomatoes in a month, and I’ve a further month of it to go.

Fortunately, the food side is helped by coming up with a variety of recipes that means it’s not always Chicken salad, and everything is made better by seasoning it well. And when you can eat 300g of pulled pork that’s been cooked for 10 hours, well, you can’t really complain….

The discovery of Co-Yo and Co-Yo ice cream has also been a revelation. No sugar, no dairy, allowed, and tasty. Something to create a bit of a treat.

Is it worth it though? Well while it’s incredibly disciplined, it’s also food for a purpose (helped by training), and so far it has resulted in a reduction in body fat from 25.4% to 18.6% in three weeks. Now in my book that’s an impressive reduction. Let’s see how it continues!

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