The Basal change – II

The Basal change – II
The Basal change – II

Day number 2 of the change over to Levemir and it appears that my body sees Levemir as a more efficient insulin. Let’s start with the overnight scan!


What does this tell us, and what is the background?

I went to the gym yesterday night and given previous experiences with Lantus, decided that my decision to reduce Levemir to 8u would go ahead. As I had eaten and had a positive bg trajectory, this made sense. 

As you can see from the graph, my body seems to be finding Levemir easier to live with than Lantus. At around 2am, there is an increase in the rate at which the blood sugar drops, which feels a little odd, and I don’t have an explanation for. I woke up around 2.30 and treated the hypo, but clearly went back to sleep before it was properly checked. This meant it continued until I got up. Not the greatest thing to happen. 

What is fascinating for me is that everything I was told about Levemir was that I would probably need more of it as a basal than the Lantus, however I seem to be seeing the opposite. 

Anyway, the lessons learned this time are that post gym, I’ll be taking the dose down by a further 2u (i,e, tonight) and seeing what happens. So a total basal dose at the moment of 16-18u. That’s possibly the lowest I’ve had it since I went on to MDI!

And yet another great advert for the benefits of having a Libre.

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