#freestylelibre – Seriously? Not again?….

#freestylelibre – Seriously? Not again?….
#freestylelibre – Seriously? Not again?….

I started running two sensors simultaneously to do a little test on inaccuracies between sensors after hearing others issues. I thought that this would be straightforward, and yet as so often seems to be the case with these devices, it has turned out not to be.

My older sensor (the one that is supposed to be the “inaccurate” one) is now reading at the same level as my blood glucose readings and my newer sensor (the “accurate” one) is now reading >1mmol/l more than them.

My blood glucose levels have not been changing particularly rapidly throughout the day and at least the sensor trend graphs have aligned. But now the new sensor is reading roughly 15% above the glucose levels while the old one is reading at 2.5% below. I’m not sure how it could be so frustrating. I’ll be keeping tabs on both till Thursday of this week and I suspect that there will be some fun graphs that will get produced.

All in all, this is thoroughly frustrating, as I’m now having to finger prick to calibrate the real reading while still being able to observe the trend data. Abbott, are you listening? This really isn’t a product in a state to be considered GA. It’s so very much a BETA it’s almost beyond a joke. If I wasn’t going through a basal familiarisation, I may very well have jettisoned it, but I am still finding the trend data useful. Dexcom must be laughing in the socks!

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