#freestylelibre – back to black…

#freestylelibre – back to black…
#freestylelibre – back to black…

After the trials and tribulations of the last couple of sensors, I seem to have on now that is a much happier beastie. But first removal and return of the old ones.

The last sensor I removed had three days remaining on it when it was unceremoniously removed and sent back to Abbott. It didn’t give up without a fight though, and proved to be by far the most difficult one to remove. In reality, this is a good thing. The adhesive that Abbott are using is clearly (when fresh and new maybe) strong. And no signs of a skin reaction either. All still good!

The attachment of the new one is proving to be very interesting. In the 24 hours that it has been attached, it’s been far closer to the blood readings than the last two were, and seems to report pretty much in line with bloods.

Things to note though….

I notice that in periods of sleep, my IFG and BG levels remain fairly similar.

Five minutes after waking, and muscle activity, I notice that BG levels seem to trail IFG levels, suggesting that Glycogen metabolism is kicking in in the muscles which may be feeding the IFG levels.

After consuming glucose, both IFG and BG levels increase until at a similar level.

It looks to me that in the absence of glucose in the system, the glycogen metabolism using muscular glycogen stores may affect the interstitial fluid glucose levels separately from the Liver’s production of glucose, which I would expect to see reflected in blood glucose levels. Or maybe I am wrong…

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