Basal switch part 3.

Basal switch part 3.
Basal switch part 3.

End of day number 5, and I’ve not eaten anything carby since about 3pm, as can be seen in the picture. Dinner involved pork belly and salad and there has been no spike from the pork belly protein, which I sometimes see. Instead I’ve had a slow climb, for which I bolused 1u, but hit a blood vessel. I wonder whether that hit at all as I see no blip in the chart to suggest it did. The daytime levemir was a 10 and this seems to work okay, although my hypo correction glucose doses are slightly different to previously and I’m still coming to terms with what I’ve been used to for ten years.

Here’s the graph. I’m not sure whether the upward trend is the levemir running out or the pork belly/fat being converted to glucose.


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