Yet another n=1 CGM face off….

With the recent ascent of the SiBionics CGM system to CE mark and the introduction of an updated Medtrum Nano CGM system, it’s about time for another n=1 comparison.

As ever, it will be compared to something we know has a large user base and plenty of data. In this case, it will be the Libre2, given the rumours that are in the wild regarding SiBionics CGM design.

From left to right: SiBionics CGM; Freestyle Libre2; Medtrum Touchcare Nano

At the point of writing, the SiBionics CGM has a list price of £56 per sensor plus £6 shipping, compared to £48.29 ex-VAT for the Libre2 with no shipping. I don’t have a price point for the Medtrum at the moment. It’s notable that there doesn’t seem to be a way to take the VAT off the SiBionics offering.

SiBionics claim an 8.83% MARD, and it’s worth noting they’ve added a second decimal place, which a cynic might argue is to highlight just how accurate their sensors are!

The usual approach to testing will be taken, with eight fingerpricks approximately two hours apart daily, plus with any low readings. The first sensor reading at least five mins after a fingerprick will be used.

It will be interesting to see how these two sensors, one a newcomer, t’other another reattempt at a brand.

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