GlucoRX Aidex. The latest addition to the UK’s CGM market. Or not…

Back on 1st April, hoping it wasn’t an April Fool, I noted that GlucoRX had stated that they’d be delivering all orders by the end of March, so I thought that now was the time to place my order for another sensor trial.

So I placed my order, before 2pm, and was notified that it had been despatched with next day delivery.

Only that wasn’t true, and three weeks later, I don’t have an Aidex to even look at, let alone test.

So instead of a review, you have a placeholder for the newest CGM on the block in the UK. That you probably won’t have received if you’ve ordered it, because it’s relatively cheap, and as a result, demand has caused some headaches for GlucoRX.

Looks like another supplier unable to guage demand for their product. A bit like Abbott with Libre1. I wonder if there’ll be long waits to sign up to purchase them like there was back in 2014?

But what about Aidex? We’ll back when we looked at what might be available in 2020, ( Aidex was one of those.

Since then, GlucoRX have stated that it has a MARD of 9.08%, which is on a par with Dexcom’s G6 and ONE. The sensors last two weeks, and cost £40 per sensor on PAYG, or if you sign up to an annual (not quite) subscription, it lasts 48 instead of 52 weeks, so you actually get 24 sensors and pay £37.50 per sensor.

It’s an interesting looking device and I’m intrigued to see how much bigger the reusable transmitter is than a Dexcom or Libre device. There are no predictive alerts, only High and Low, which may not suit some.

Helpfully, unlike Dexcom’s ONE, data sharing is possible, which may be helpful if it were to get on to the NHS tariff, of which there are rumours, but nothing concrete. The user instruction manual is not clear whether it requires daily calibration, which neither Dexcom not Libre require or allow, but suggests that it will automatically suggest when it’s a good time to calibrate. It also has a one hour warm up time.

But I can’t tell you how it performs as it hasn’t turned up yet. I’m told it will by the end of April. And there’s the crux of it. I’ve heard about people waiting two months for consumer orders. If GlucoRX can’t deliver to paying customers, it doesn’t bode well on their failed sensor replacement logistics nor any ability to supply in scale to the NHS, which would be required if the rumours are true

Here’s hoping something turns up inside a month. And then we can find out whether that 9.08% MARD reflects real world use.

At the time of writing, this appears to have been added to the BSA tariff, at a price of £29.95,which probably suggests a negotiation with the BSA to put it on there.

It’s not, however, listed on the British National Formulary, which suggests that it isn’t yet approved for prescribing. That will be yet another task…


    • That’s interesting, because it’s not on the BNF at time of writing, which I suspect makes it harder to prescribe.

  1. looks like shipping has started, would be great to see a full review. Aidex MARD: 9.08% Dexcom G6 MARD: 9.0%

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