Continuous Glucose Monitoring – clinical trial quality data

As we have espoused here on Diabettech in the past, not all clinical trials for CGM systems are equal. To this, end, we’re now proud to host data providing a better insight into this, garnered from those very same clinical trials.

Working in association with John Pemberton, there are now two tables giving information on the quality of the clinical trials that have been undertaken for CGMs that have a CE mark. These cover both Adult and Paediatric use.

The tables can be found over on this page:

They highlight where the data quality for the trials have been found wanting, either due to the mix of participants, the mechanisms employed in the trial, or both.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a number of these systems are being offered to kids with little to no testing with children, so we’d highly recommend being extremely careful with them, if you do intend to use them in place of those with data.

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