“Bounty” cake – a little taste of paradise…

“Bounty” cake – a little taste of paradise…
“Bounty” cake – a little taste of paradise…

Sitting at home yesterday afternoon, we wanted, desperately, to eat sweets. Knowing that we shouldn’t, and having flicked though a couple of cook books all to frequently, H came up with the idea of mixing two recipes to make what sounded like something amazing. So with reference to Madelaine Shaw’s Get the Glow for the Fudge and Hemsley and Hemsley for their Paradise Bar filling, here’s the mash-up that she produced, and boy is it rich and tasty:

Prepare a baking tray by lining it with baking parchment.

First up, the Fudge for coating:


100g Almond Butter (or any other nut butter)
100g Coconut Butter
50g Raw Cacao Powder
100g honey
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
Pinch sea salt


Put the nut butter and coconut oil in a food processor and mix for 1 minute or so. Sieve in the raw cacao (we usually don’t!), then put in the rest of the ingredients and whizz until it’s all gooey.

Take approximately a third of the mix and spread it across the parchment in the baking tray, then place the tray in the freezer, whilst we prepare the filling.

Secondly, the Coconut Filling


200g Creamed Coconut
150g Dessicated Coconut
60g Honey
75g Coconut Oil
1 tsp vanilla essence


Place the creamed coconut in a bowl of warm water to loosen it up. When it is soft all the way through, pour into a mixing bowl and add in the coconut oil, honey, vanilla essence and 2-4 tablespoons of water if you like a soft centre.

Stir in the dessicated coconut to make a doughy consistency.

Remove the tray you prepared earlier from the freezer and pout the mixture over the now set fudge. Spread evenly in the dish.

Leave in the freezer for 10 mins to set lightly, remove and pour the remainder of the fudge over the top. Replace in freezer for 30 mins.

Remove from freezer and cut into even squares – we cut it into 16 –  then put into a parchment lined tupperware pot and put back in the freezer, where they will need to be kept.

That’s all there is to it. Very simple and easy to make. Based on making sixteen portions, you get 8.8g carbs per slice, and as can be seen in the nutritional values below (with thanks to www.weightlossresources.co.uk for the screenshot from their helpful tools), loads of fats:

Have a go yourself and enjoy. They are incredibly rich and satisfying!

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