Playing Sport with Type 1 Diabetes – Survey

This survey is being hosted on behalf of Rob Herrett, an A-level student. He is undertaking research into ‘Playing Sport with Type 1 Diabetes’ in which he is completing an extended project qualification. 

Rob was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 2 years old and has lived with it for over 14 years now. He is a very keen sportsman, and very interested in understanding more about the impact Type 1 has on different people’s sporting endeavours and how Type 1 can be managed well. Rob’s intent is to create a leaflet, and a report, on how teenagers can help themselves, and how teammates can learn more about Type 1 impact and what they can do to help as well.

He has worked closely with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) over the years and represented them at Parliament to raise issues about funding and research with Type 1. Rob is  honoured to be a JDRF Ambassador and feels very passionately about improving education to help people understand Type 1 and the impact it has on people’s lives.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with If you would like a copy of his final project, then please enter your name and email address below. If not, thank you for filling in the questionnaire. The time is really appreciated.


Questionnaire Classification
Your Age today:
Your Gender:
Your Age at Type 1 diagnosis:
The average hours of sport you typically complete in a week:
Do you consider yourself highly active, active, or sedentary?
Are you a professional sportsperson?

How sport affects my blood sugar levels.

Would you consider your day to day management/control of blood sugar levels to be:
Do you consider your control of blood sugar levels relating to sport or physical activity to be:
How often do you hypo/hyper during or post activity?


What Diabetes related routines do you follow before exercise or sporting events?
What Diabetes related routines do you follow during exercise or sporting events?
What Diabetes related routines do you follow after exercise or sporting events?

Equipment used (pod, continuous, injection etc)

What equipment do you use to manage Type 1? (e.g. pod, injections, pump, etc)
Are there any temporary changes that you make in advance of activity? (if yes, please explain):
Are there any changes you then make to your equipment POST sporting activity? (if yes, please explain):

Food and drink intake
How do you use food and/or drink to prepare for your activity?
How do you use food and/or drink during your activity?
How do you use food and/or drink after activity for recovery?

Teammates and mental health

What support do you get/ do you need from teammates, friends, coaches or match officials? (if applicable):
What help do your teammates, friends, coaches or match officials need to understand more about Type 1 Diabetes?
How do you feel about Type 1 Diabetes?

Other areas

Are there any top tips you would like to share that others may wish to adopt?
Are there any areas of this topic that you think it would be more useful to know about?
Is there anything else that you think would be useful to mention in support of this research?

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