A little introduction….

A little introduction….
A little introduction….

I’m new to the world of blogging (even though they’ve been around for many years) but as I’m opinionated have a few major passions, I thought that I’d use this to let off steam…

So Cricket, Technology and Food. An odd set of three for most people, however:

  • I’ve been a lifelong cricket fan (thanks Dad) and player, and that of course comes with a marvellous selection of kit
  • Technology is just brilliant and I grew up through the development of the home computer, mobile phone, digital camera, internet, etc, and I just love it
  • Well, a man’s got to eat. And I love eating. I also enjoy baking. Cakes, Bread, other interesting things
I’ll most likely muse on these items in depth, but have no fear, I’ll surely be discussing anything, and possibly everything, that springs to mind….

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