In two minds all of a sudden

In two minds all of a sudden
In two minds all of a sudden

I’m not unfamiliar with iOS devices. I’m writing this on an iPad, updated to the latest version. And I’d placed an order for an iPhone 6 Plus. And now I’m really thinking about changing my mind.

But why, I hear you cry? I’ve had the opportunity that many won’t. That of using one, on and off, for a weekend. And it has the same issue as the Samsung Note to my mind. It is not a one handed device. Let’s get this clear. I have big hands. My hand span is very nearly twelve inches. And I find it hard to use. It’s just a little too big in all dimensions. The best I’ve had with a big screen was my LG G2. Still one handed but with a five inch screen. But not this new iPhablet. Even I struggled.

The other minor discouragement is of course, iOS 8. iOS is okay, but I like live tiles on Windows Phone. I just don’t like the lack of apps. iOS makes sense on a tablet where I don’t feel that optimisation of my screen estate is such an issue.

And then there is the battery life. It’s pretty damn good on the 6 plus, but there are better.

So I’m in a bit of a quandary. Do I jump, but downsize, to an iPhone, jump to a better windows phone (I think the apps situation will get to me too much), or go Android again, and this time get something like the Sony Z3 compact with amazing battery life, screen like the iPhone 6 and in a smaller package? Or something else.

While I am undecided, I think I’ll just cancel the 6 Plus and consider a little longer. It’s not like it’s a bad problem to have, after all!

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