Everything You Need to Start Looping: Pump, Rig, Dexcom, Supplies, and More

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I am currently using this OpenAPS setup, but it's time to switch systems. I have been using this for several years. It is OpenAPS so no Apple account or device needed to set it up. You can use an Android or Apple phone.

This is everything you need to follow the steps in the documentation to start looping. Included with the sale:
Medtronic NA 722 v2.4 pump
Quick-sets (3 unopened boxes)
Reservoirs (3 unopened boxes)
G5 Receiver
G4 Receiver
G4/G5 Sensors (4 unopened boxes)
G4 Transmitter (used, but still working and currently attached to my arm)
G4 and G5 Transmitters with dead batteries (2 G5 & 2 G4 dead transmitters)
3 Renatta 390 batteries
Intel Edison with Explorer Board and Battery
4 rig cases
OTG and USB cables

Free shipping in the US.

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