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Medtronic 722 and Riley Link

Medtronic 722 and Riley Link

Medtronic 722 with unused Riley Link, switching to omnipod hence the sale. Riley Link has never been used and was…
East Lothian
Total views: 75
Price: £ 400.00


Black DanaRS for sale. Bough in Nov 2018, used for closed looping for 6 months -however swapped to omnipy so…
High Wycombe
Total views: 55
Price: £ 2,000.00
Medtronic Enlite Gurdian Sensors MMT-7008

Medtronic Enlite Gurdian Sensors MMT-7008

10 off Medtronic Enlite MMT-7008 sensors expiry date 08/08/2019 Self funded, but now surplus to requirements. Price includes postage to…
Total views: 122
Price: £ 250.00