The £100 kit challenge, part two…

The £100 kit challenge, part two…
The £100 kit challenge, part two…

The question was, what can you get for as little as you possibly can but still have a decent set of kit (as seen here). I took two approaches. For the first set,  I went for new kit, (with the exception of the bat) and tried to spend as little as possible and decided that realistically, I should keep the value inclusive of postage below £100. It’s very surprising what is actually available, even at an adult size. If you are looking to play cricket, and you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there is plenty out there.

The bill of materials reads as follows:

Pads and gloves by Passion ([url=][/url]) – £15: these were incredibly cheap, and actually seem to be of decent quality. They are Pakistan made and apparently have cane and HDF filling in the pads and Kapok filling in the gloves. Putting them on and beating them with the ball on the stick from the other set, I’d suggest that these have decent protection. The gloves, while not making Puma shiver in fright are perfectly acceptable for a decent level of club cricket and I wouldn’t be unhappy wearing them. For fifteen quid, I’d say that you can’t go wrong. They are actually a decent product at a great price.

CA Padman Shorts including Inner and Outer thigh pad and box – £14.98: all in one for box, thighpad and inner thigh pad, complete with the required protection. Came from Task Sports who seem to provide a lot of cheap Pakistani imports. It would do a job, but nowhere near as protective as Strettons or Aero Strippers. Very much club cricket protection.

Ihsan Inferno 950 helmet (which looks a lot like an Albion Club to me) – £9.99: Surprised me by fitting pretty well, I think this is a cheap Albion that, while not feeling quite as protective as some of the other Albion, Masuri or Ayrtek shells, would suffice and should stop serious harm coming to you.

Duffle bag by Joshila – £10: A cheap duffel, I think it would probably last a season, and there are no bells and whistles. Put kit in and carry it.

Kookaburra Rogue 200 from eBay – £22.50: A 2012 Rogue 200 with a face sheet. I love the sticker on the side saying “Unbleached willow” when you can’t see the face. The bat seems to rebound decently. I’d say it is properly knocked in. It could do with a bit of a clean up, but I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with this, and it’s got a couple of good seasons left in it.

The pictures of the kit are below:

All bagged up…

And here’s the kit exposed:

The total bill for this comes to £62.50. Once postage is included (£18.39), the bill for this lot is £80.89, postage included. Suitably under the £100 limit.

Proof below:

For £100 and mostly new, you can actually get some very usable and pretty decent kit.
What if you don’t want to spend that much though?
Well, for £25 from eBay, you can get a lot. That would be a bat, pads, gloves, a bag and a pair of boots. This is what you get when you pay £25 for a Random Bag of Kit off  of the internet…
It is basically an old set of Excalibur pads and gloves, a pair of GN Sabre shoes, a bat mallet of the ball on the stick variety and an old Duncan Fearnley bat of a type that I’ve not seen before. 
The pads are actually in okay condition and offer decent protection. I wouldn’t want to wear the gloves in a match though. They really don’t offer a lot and would be very painful to experience a ball hitting them. The bat, while not looking like much, actually rebounds very well when a ball is bounced off it. It weighs in at a very light  2lb 7oz.
It’s not a fabulous set of kit, but it is usable, and is testament to what you can get without having to look too hard.
And here’s the fee paid. £25 for the kit and bag and £12 delivery.
Both purchases proving that it is very possible to get kit, and not too bad kit at that, for a dcent price, and you don’t have to buy duff stuff from Sports Direct to do it.
This will all be going to Cricket 4 Change for use at their Croydon facility.

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