Cricket kit on a budget. What can you do for £100?

Cricket kit on a budget. What can you do for £100?
Cricket kit on a budget. What can you do for £100?

Following the Custom Bats Forum’s £100 Challenge, I thought I’d muse on this topic. The challenge topic and discussion is available here for anyone to read (and join the forum if you want to participate).

The challenge is to purchase the following list of kit for less than £100:

  • Bat
  • Batting Gloves
  • Batting Pads
  • Thigh Guard
  • Box
  • Helmet
  • Bag
Given the price rises of kit over the past few years, this is now quite some challenge, however, there seem to be a number of participants and so far they seem to be finding a lot of bargains and deals.
The question remains though, “What can you get for this price?”. 
There seem to be two ways to go about it. 
The first is to buy a set of used gear from someone giving up the game. You can pick up a used set of most of the above for between £25 and £35. It probably doesn’t come with thigh pad, helmet or box though (I’m not sure I’d want it to come with a box either). Between Sports Direct and a few other places, you could then pick up the remaining bits to give you a full set for less than £50. This leaves cash enough to visit the retailers and buy a jock strap, whites, shoes, jumper and a sun hat of some description, hopefully all purchased online with free p&p.
The second seems to be that you can search around to buy all the components individually from smaller, lesser known brands. And ebay is the home of these. Brand New English Willow bats for under £40. You might be better served buying a cheap used bat for less though. Pads, Gloves and a bag together for less than £30. Helmet and thigh pad together for £15, leaving you £15 to visit Sports Direct to pick up a jock strap, trousers and a shirt to play on a sunny day. 
The upshot of this is that it can be done, and it appears that you could get a full set of a cricket gear (including whites and shoes, who’d have thought!) for under £100. You just have to not be too fussy about what you end up with. 
I’ve entered the challenge and will display my entry here in due course. My intention is to give it all to Cricket 4 Change who will put it to good use. Hopefully others will do something similar.
How do you think you’d fair in this kind of a challenge?

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