Phones, Devices and Tablets… My short history.

Phones, Devices and Tablets… My short history.
Phones, Devices and Tablets… My short history.

Following the annual iPhone orgy, I’m very tempted this time around by an iPhone with a proper screen. But before I go there, I should discuss my phone history. It’s likely to be illuminating when it comes to some of my choices.

If I go back 10 years, I’ve been using Smartphones in all their glory since the WAP days. As soon as I could pair a Palm with my phone I did, even buying stuff on the web at the time. When Windows Mobile came along, I was using it, well before it was a fully mature platform and for a longish period I carried around an HP Jornada 560 – a full touch screen PDA and phone in one. With a pretty rubbish battery. It was a big brute, but I could get mail on it and surf the internet at 2G speeds. This was in 2005 or so, around the time the Symbian based Smartphones from Sony Ericsson were cool. Oh, and I had one of those too.

Nokia smartphones followed until I fell for the Nokia N900 and following damage to that, the N9. This, around the time the iPhone was appearing, and you couldn’t cut and paste with it. Dealbreaker.

I finally moved to a “mainstream” device in what must have been 2011, when I purchased an Orange San Francisco and spent ages rooting it and applying various mods. From here back to Windows Phone 8, on the Nokia 920 in 2012.  A lovely bit of hardware, but unfortunately on EE for 4G, where there were a number of enormous problems with being able to make calls.

After numerous replacement handsets and a switch to Android and the HTC One (M7), EE admitted they had an issue with switching to 3G to receive calls when you were using 4G data, allowed me out of the contract and I kept the One. And a great bit of hardware it was too.

Unfortunately, it didn’t bounce very well. I dropped it and it damaged the ambient sound cancelling mic, making calls impossible. Onto the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, which lasted a day as I hated it, then the HTC One Mini, a phone that lasted until February, when it was replaced by an LG G2.

The LG G2. A great phone with a huge screen, android again, but for the first time, Android where I didn’t want to skin it with a WinPhone 8 alike skin. I was very happy with it. It withstood multiple drops and bumps until two weeks ago when catastrophe struck. I dropped it on to something pointy and the screen smashed, as did the digitiser. It became unusable and I can’t even wipe it.

In desperation I reached for something cheap and reverted to Windows Phone 8.1 on a Lumia 635 (which more about later – it’s a great budget phone), but I miss my big screen, and so, I have succumbed. My choice was really iPhone 6+ or something from the Android stable. I don’t really want a Samsung Note so I have jumped and will have my first iPhone in October. Baited breath awaits.

In the meantime, I’ve had an iPad one that had next to no use, and now an iPad Air that gets used all the time, thanks to the advent of Chromecast and other streaming technologies (thanks BBC). Oh, and the massively improved size and weight.

And then of course, I can’t forget the digital cameras. but that’s for a different post…

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