I’m a Type 1 Diabetic of more than 27 years. I’ve spent my life travelling, playing cricket, taking photos, and doing loads of things. I’m a technophile and think like an engineer, even if I don’t do a job like that anymore. In this blog, I pull together both the Diabetes and the Technology to try and determine what is really the “art of the possible”.


  1. I ‘ m a mom of a insulin dependent girl. I read the Medtrum article and I was really positive surprised about what I read. I’ m interested in to try this Type of pump, as my daughter are struggeling with allergic skin problems with her current patch pump. Do you know when Medtrum will start to sell there products? In the Uk or Germany ? Is it possible to inform us ? Thanks in advance, lovely greetings from Germany . Simone

    • As the article says, in the UK we were told September time and they are starting to trial with Clinics now. Other than that, I don’t have a great deal more information.

  2. Hi Tim, Ive been following as much of the info out there on openAPS and looping as I can find and hopefully Im on my way to building my first eddison rig with freestyle libre acting as CGM through a sony smart watch and nightscout.
    I was reading the section on this blog about a “Build event” I wasnt sure if this was planned for the future and where abouts it was planned to be located. It sounds like a great idea and I would love to attend especially to meet people that have experience using this kit.
    Kind regards Tom
    UK, West Sussex

    • Hi Tom,

      I believe you’ve found the registration details for the workshop, so I look forward to meeting you at it. There’ll be between 10 and 30 people attending, if everyone makes it. Good luck with getting everything together and enjoy looping!


  3. Hi Tim,

    Excellent article, we are currently on a Cambridge (uk) trial for our 6 year old son and we are very keen to continue looping when it finishes. What system do you recommend for an active 6 yr old boy with the least amount of kit and easiest to work at school etc

    kind regards


    • I’d recommend joining the Facebook “Looped” group where people who have experience of using systems with children can advise you of their experiences. I use the system on myself so can’t really give you any feedback on use with a young child.

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